Founded in October 2003 by Eric Robillard, Kinos received a Dunamis award in 2015 for Best Service Organization with 15 employees or less. Over the years, Kinos has acquired a stellar reputation in the film and entertainment industry thanks to its design of high-end products and we have now decided to offer its great expertise to the corporate world. Our excellent and dedicated team’s goal is to offer you creative, efficient and quick service.


Amongst our many clients are such companies as eOne Entertainment/Les Films Séville, TVA Films, Remstar, Les Éditions De Montagne, MP2B assurance, La Chambre de commerce et industrie de Laval et Axia films, Our company favours a simple and efficient approach centred on the client’s needs. Our team knows the market and its inherent delay constraints inside and out. Its rapidity, creativity and high quality standards make Kinos a crucial partner that is very much valued by its clients.


For Kinos, the translation and adaptation of visual components is an important part of its work. It is as interesting as the creative process itself.


To translate a poster, a DVD box set, a Website or any other product, the challenge for Kinos is to recreate the title and other typographical elements, and we are proud of the precision and exactness of our work.


Kinos collaborates with many translators that possess a great experience in the film and entertainment industry, whether they translate from English to French or vice-versa. Our collaborators are equipped to offer quick and efficient work at very competitive prices.


Of course, another important part of our work consists of adapting images according to the media and platforms involved, after creating a visual or receiving it from our client. It is often necessary to reformat these images to make giant banners, postcards, invitations and even ads for newspapers and magazines. It is for us an important part of the marketing aspect and our expertise in this field makes Kinos an ideal and efficient partner in this process.



Our team consists of graphic artists whose combined experience totals more than 80 years. Kinos has maximized everyone’s knowledge and experience to ensure each client obtains results of the highest quality. The personnel is mature and stays true to Kinos’s philosophy. Our graphic artists and all our staff offer a unique experience to each and everyone of our clients in order to ensure their utmost satisfaction and that they’ll want to come back to us. In our relations with our clients, we insist on respect and dignity. Kinos respects its clients and they respect us and our employees. These values are at the heart of our business and guide us and our team.




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